I'm a mom of two, a designer, an dancing lover, and so many other things.

My passion is work with another creatives and powerful souls to find their voice and translating their essence into visual that tell stories authentically.







Nevenka Christiansen

Vale is a God sent gift for someone who is highly sensitive to energy and requires translating it into the visual, online format. 

I have been dreaming of being able to communicate my way of seeing the world: my aesthetics, my perspective, my essential vibration. When looking at my landing page, I wanted people to feel my energy, as if they are in my presence. This is not something you can easily explain, or talk through. It should be sensed, connected to and deeply understood. Vale can do this with elegance and ease you can only dream of. 

Vale and I have collaborated on three projects this year and I very much look forward to more co-creations!

Eva Montalva

I've met many designers but none like Valentina. She is from another planet, seriously.  She was always proposing innovative ideas and solutions for the needs we have had. I greatly admire her attitude, sensitivity and elegance to work.
I recommend her all the time!

Alena Norman

I had a great experience working with Valentina. She was not only super nice but also incredibly responsive, patiently addressing all my questions and concerns. What stood out the most was her genuine effort to capture the essence of my business and translate the ideas I had in mind into visually appealing and meaningful brand. If you are looking for a talented and personable designer Valentina is the one to choose.

If you're prepared to take a leap and authentically showcase who you are through your brand.

You're Ready to Embrace Your AUTHENTIC SELF

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If you sense the need for change and are ready to embark on a transformative journey to elevate your brand presence.



If you want to harness your creativity in unprecedented ways, infusing it into every facet of your brand and daily life.

you're Striving for Unmatched CREATIVITY


If you're on a quest to discover and align with your life's purpose, and you believe that being true to yourself is the cornerstone of authentic branding.

You're Align with Your PURPOSE: BE YOU